Kenya - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Gaping Yawn

The Gaping Yawn

Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in all of Africa. They look too big to move quickly, but they can run at astonishing speeds—underwater and on land. And, as this image shows, the teeth of a hippo are anything but deadly!

This was a great evening! There always tends to be a group of hippos in this area of the river, so coming here was saved for the last evening of our trip. We went down to the waters edge, still far enough away from the hippos to be safe, and had a great time photographing them as the sun set.

Champagne was served to celebrate a wonderful week—and let me tell you, there are few thins better than drinking a glass of champagne while photographing hippos in their natural habitat.

This specific hippo was out in the middle of the river alone, and so I focused on it for a while. He (or is it a she) would dip under the water for a while, then emerge. But every so often, he would rise out of the water with a huge gaping yawn. A sight that is simply remarkable to behold.

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