Kenya - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Crossing II

The Crossing II

Here is a second, slightly different take on my favorite image of the wildebeests crossing a river in the Maasi Mara.

The Great Migration of wildebeest into Kenya’s Maasi Mara begins with a trickle. The first groups of wildebeest begin arriving, and crossing one of a few rivers into the Mara. Famous documentaries show the wildebeest crossing croc infested waters, and those scenes exist. However, on this day the wildebeest were crossing a smaller river that did not have crocs.

We (and hundreds of other people) watched as the wildebeest cautiously approached the riverbank to see if it was safe to cross. It took maybe an hour before the first animal made the attempt and then it was followed by hundreds more in quick succession, before something spooked the group and they retreated away from the river.

Given the angle I had to shoot from, I decided tot ry some more long exposure shots, with the goal of showing the motion of the crossing. This actually worked out quite well in this instances, as a few of the wildebeest stopped long enough for water that they are static while a large number of the animals flow in the background.

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