Kenya - Jeff Henry Photography
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Solitary Wandering

Solitary Wandering

In the Maasi Mara (and I assume elsewhere), once male elephants reach adulthood, they are kicked out of the group and they the roam on their own or with another male. So, the way to see the largest elephants with the longest tusks is too look for a single elephant or a small group.

We were driving in the Park after our morning game drive, and came across a single bull elephant approaching the trail. We stopped and had a great time photographing him as he came closer and closer. When he finally lowered head, and began flapping his ears (a sign of impending charge), we moved away and allowed him to continue on his path.

It was then, once he had moved to the other side of the road, that this scene presented itself: the elephant along on the plain, the clouds overhead, and the sun rays streaming down through the clouds. I quickly grabbed by second camera with the wide angle lens, and captured this image.

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