Kenya - Jeff Henry Photography
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Wildebeest Crossing

Wildebeest Crossing

It takes a lot of patience to watch wildebeest cross a river.

First they mass on one side of the river. We woke up one morning to reports of an impending crossing, and where they had been almost no wildebeest the previous day, there were now tens of thousands. The were massing, and once enough had arrived, they would attempt a crossing.

Then, they have to scout out the crossing point, which can take a long time. Understandably these animals are very weary about crossing the river, which is a time they are vulnerable to attack. The slightest noise or disturbance on either side of the river will result in the wildebeest scattering and running away from the river.

But, when the do finally decide to cross, it is a sight. This small group made a quick crossing, which I captured using a panning and long exposure technique to show the movement of the animals.

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