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Stacks of Dzongkha

Stacks of Dzongkha

I arrived at the Temple of the Devine Madman (yes, that is an actual temple; I didn't make it up) after a short hike up the hill. The views from the hilltop were great, and then I stepped into the temple courtyard. 

After exploring the courtyard for a few minutes, I came upon this a makeshift classroom. It was just a covered area off to one side, no glass in the makeshift windows, no door in the doorway. There were no students in the classroom, so I removed my shoes and walked over to these pages of Buddhist prayers, printed on the traditional long rectangular paper, and stacked hundreds thick. 

The pages were lightly wrapped in the red and maroon fabric, but appeared to have been casually placed that way. I carefully pulled back the maroon fabric to expose the paper and Dzongkha script, and stood almost directly over the stack to get this image. One of the small aspects of it that I really like are the grains of rice on the underlying mat; a snack eaten by a studying monk.

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