Bhutan - Culture & Religion - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Masks

The Masks

Located on the second floor of a temple in Phongmey, a remote village in eastern Bhutan, you wouldn't see this masks if you just looked into the room from the entrance. I didn't see them from that viewpoint. It wasn't until I was led into the temple room, up to the alter and told to turn around and look up that I saw these amazing masks hanging from the ceiling.

The entire length of the ceiling, just in front of the alter, was covered with intricately hand carved wooden masks. The ones depicted here, skeletons, animals and more were all present, each showing minute detail.

I got as close as I could to the alter, put my widest angle lens on the camera, and shot upwards into the masks. There was no way to shoot them straight on, so I had to make due with this angle. But, after seeing it later on my computer and in print, I really like the way it turned out.