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Kyichu Prayer Wheels

Kyichu Prayer Wheels

The Kyichu temple, in Paro, is one of the oldest temples in Bhutan, originally built the 7th century. The inside of the temple, where photography is not allowed, is great to see. But, I had more fun exploring the exterior of the temple, with many pilgrims visiting and circumambulating it.

The exterior of the building is lined with these small prayer wheels, each filled with thousands of Buddhist prayers. An individual will walk around the temple, turning each prayer wheel in succession, and thus say thousands and thousands of prayers as they work their way around the building.

While I usually don't combine color with black and white, I made an exception for this image. I thought the color accentuated the spinning prayer wheels, while the black and white of the stationary objects helped represent the age and ancientness of the structure.