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The Fluid Robe

The Fluid Robe

Can you image a robe with more vibrant color? I've seen lots of religious and cultural garments from around the world, but those from Bhutan are among the very best. This gentleman, part of the national dance troupe of Bhutan, had been performing for an hour or so by the time I captured this image, but it looks like he just started, full of energy and grace.

This was one of several dances performed for us that day, and probably my second favorite (the Mask Dance is pretty hard to beat). The choreography, music, and drum strikes--all of which are impossible to show in a photograph--were simply incredible.

What captured me in this image is his body position. One foot firmly planted on the slate covered ground, the other in midair yet hidden from view. The drum held high over the head with the red curved drum stick held opposite, ready to fly towards the drumhead at the precise moment dictated by ancient dance. Put all of that in front of the beautiful backdrop of slate and thin lines of green grass, and it made a unique image.

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