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Black Hat Dance

Black Hat Dance

The Black Hat dance is one of the great Bhutanese dances, usually performed by monks. Getting its name from the headpieces worn by the performers, it supposedly celebrates the assassination of the Tibetan King Langdarama in 842 but a Buddhist monk wearing a black robe. The dancers assume the appearance of yogis who have the power of taking and recreating life.

It is a powerful dance, and one that is incredible to watch. In fact, I'd say rather than "watch" the dance, one actually "experiences" it. While this dancer isn't wearing a black robe, they do have the black hat on, with this Tibetan/Dzongka script encircling the top of the brim.

These dancers move with incredible speed, making it a challenge to capture them in a specific moment. But, when everything comes together, one can get a glimpse of them, their movement, and their concentration.

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