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Frozen Flags

Frozen Flags

It was cold. It was windy. And, it was stunningly beautiful. All this applies to Chele Pass, which I visited for the second time in the early morning hours during my most recent trip to Bhutan. I focused on the grand vistas viewable from the high altitude of Chele Pass as the sun rose above the mountains and bathed the clouds blanketing the Paro Valley in sunlight.

Then, after the sun had risen higher in the sky, I turned to the smaller details of the Pass, including these prayer flags I had seen earlier on my hike up the mountain. I stood near the flags, ever respectful of the Buddhist prohibition of stepping over fallen prayer flags, and captured these flags before they thawed in the growing sunlight. The ground was frozen solid, and so were the flags, encrusting the folds, scripture, and colors in a thin layer of frost. The scene was not meant to last long, as the first sun ray hitting the frozen ground is visible to the right of the red flag.

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