Bhutan - Landscapes - Jeff Henry Photography
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In Memory

In Memory

Throughout Bhutan, one will see clusters of these vertical, white prayer flags. Made from freshly cut pine trunks, the flags have Buddhist scriptures written throughout. These types of prayer flags are erected when someone passes away. If the family can afford it, 108 of the flags will be raised in a cluster on a hillside.

Because they are placed so close to each other, I envisioned this type of shot and then spent the next two weeks looking for the right grouping to craft this image. I wanted to use a very wide angle lens to accentuate the height of the flags and capture as many of them as possible. Placing the camera on the ground, triggering the self-timer, and running away to get out of the frame, it took several experiments to get this image framed and exposed correctly. I can almost imagine the family erecting these flags knowing their deceased relative will always have a view of the great Bhutan sky and landscape.