Bhutan - People - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Social Group

The Social Group

Located on a hilltop in the town of Mongar, this old temple was a real treat. I remember exploring the interior of the temple (located just to the right of this image) and coming out to find this scene unfolding before my eyes.

Maybe 10 or so older women were sitting in the anteroom outside the temple, a room with four or five large prayer wheels. It seemed this was a daily gathering, where the women came each morning to socialize and pray at the same time. I worked the scene from various angles before finally sitting down on the floor, lowering the tripod almost as low as it would go, and framing this image. Despite the windows the room was very dark, yet the shadows held an incredible amount of details in color. I used a long exposure to get enough light, which also captured the movement of several of the large prayer wheels and even some of the people. Thankfully, the woman closest to me actually stayed still while the shutter was open.