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Huangshan Fog

Huangshan Fog

Huangshan (Yellow Mountains) is one of the best places to visit in China if you like stunning landscapes, steep hikes, and dramatic photographic opportunities. I’ve only been once, and am very glad I had the chance to get there. I was an avid photographer at the time, but it was still early in my photographic progression, and I’m sure that a visit today would yield better results.
A long cable car ride takes you up to the top of the mountain, or a visitor can opts to do the full day hike up to the top as people have done for centuries. It goes without saying that I (with family) took the cable car, but that didn’t mean we went without hiking. The trails are all paved with beautiful concrete handrails made to look like tree trunks and limbs. While the trails are smooth, the vertical elevation ascended and descended each day was immense. And, there is no escaping the large number of people that visit this iconic scenes. But, it’s absolutely worth it.
This specific image is one that I have returned to years after shot to see if I could improve upon it. Using different panoramic stitching software and different post-processing techniques. It’s worked out quite well, which does not bode well for my free time–now I’m going to have to re-process many other photos.

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