Japan - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Ghost

The Ghost

The Fushimi Inari Shrine is probably my favorite place to visit in Japan, with the exception of the incredible camera stores in Osaka and Tokyo. Each opportunity to photograph at the Shrine is unique, and different opportunities are present throughout the day, as this image demonstrates.

I’d arrived early from Osaka to photograph in the early morning light. It was still quite dark on the mountain, and I was set up to do a long exposure panorama. There weren’t many people visiting the Shrine at this hour, so getting a people-free images was easy. But, after I’d set up and done a few test exposures for the planned pano, I turned and saw a woman in a stark white kimono coming towards me.

There was no time to change the camera settings; just enough time to loosen the tripod and recompose the frame to capture this woman as she walked by. The camera was set for a long exposure, which created the “ghost” that is seen in the frame. At first I was disappointed I hadn’t captured the woman frozen in time, but after reviewing the image some more, I came to really love it.