Japan - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Vermillion Tunnel

The Vermillion Tunnel

I think it is one of the most incredible man-made structures to see in Japan. Pictures only do it partial justice and seeing the entrance from the road does little to inspire, but getting there and beginning the walk up the mountain it becomes breathtaking. The Fushimi Inari Shrine is probably my favorite place to visit in Japan, with the exception of the incredible camera stores in Osaka and Tokyo

I've been to Fushimi Inari several times, and I continue to feel the pull to visit it again. Each opportunity to photograph there is unique, and different opportunities are present throughout the day. Photographing it the morning, mid-day, evening and at night all produce incredible images, each with their own unique characteristics.

This image is a panoramic stitch of 7 individual images. Taken at mid-day, the vermillion torii gates shade the path, and the wooded mountainside shades the torii gates. While it was hot and humid this day, the image presents a sense of cool tranquility and peace, which is one of the major draws of Fushimi Inari.