Myanmar - Jeff Henry Photography
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Cresting through the Clouds

Cresting through the Clouds

There are only about seven pagodas in Bagan that people are still allowed to climb. That means, one has to get to the good sunrise spots early, or else you’ll be relegated to the lower tiers of the pagoda with views not quite as good. This morning I arrived early and go my choice of spots, choosing one that would let me to shoot in different directions as the sun rose, I found myself shooting many different compositions.

Clouds low on the horizon in the distance obscured the actual sunrise this morning, but a short while later everything worked out. With the sun cresting over those low clouds, the sun rays became visible in the sky, the clouds were painted a wonderful golden hue, and enough light fell on the landscape to illuminate the beautiful stupas and pagodas spread out before me.

This is one of those sunrises that I will remember for years to come.

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