Myanmar - Jeff Henry Photography
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U Bien Bridge

U Bien Bridge

The town of Amarapura, an easy and short drive from Mandalay in Myanmar, is home to the world’s longest teak bridge: the U Bien Bridge. It spans Taungthaman Lake, was built around 1850, and is about 1.2 kilometers long.

This bridge is one of the most photographed icons in all of Myanmar, and for good reason. Watching the sun set behind this spectacular bridge is a sight to behold. The sky turned a deep orange as the sun sank, and the people walking across the bridge became little more than outlines against the bright sky beyond.

Shooting from a little boat in the lake, I was able to capture this image of a lone woman walking on the bridge. Given the large number of people, locals and tourists, that use the bridge, it was actually a challenge to get a shot with only one person in the image. More luck than planning, especially given the fact that I could only communicate with the oarsman using hand gestures and simple requests like “back” and “forward.”

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