Myanmar - Jeff Henry Photography
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Early Morning Over Bagan

Early Morning Over Bagan

With a predawn wake up call and hotel pickup, we were off to the staging area where we would begin our hot air balloon journey over the temples of Bagan. What an incredible experience as I think back upon it. Watching the balloons inflate, getting into the basket, and then taking to the air for an adventure over this magnificent landscape.

I had seen many of Bagan’s pagodas and stupas the day before, but this was a completely different view, literally and figuratively. Only from above can one begin to grasp the scale at which these temples were built, in size, over time, and across the distance of the plain.

The sky began to brighten shortly before we took off, but finished its rise over the horizon while we were in the air. The sun’s rays cast soft pink hues over the distant hills, most likely accentuated by the cook fire smoke and dust in the air, while turning the temples a deep red and the vegetation a lush green.

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