Myanmar - Jeff Henry Photography
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Sunrise Over Bagan

Sunrise Over Bagan

There are times in photography where things are just lucky and work out. This image is the result of one of those times. I went to Myanmar with all my panorama gear, but didn’t take many pano images; not even this one.

High atop one of Bagan’s stupas, I had set up to photograph sunrise. Having arrived at the top of the stupa early, I was able to get my choice of spots, and choose one that would permit me to shoot in different directions as the sun rose, I found myself shooting many different compositions.

It wasn’t until I got home a few weeks later and did another review of all the images that I noticed I had taken two images about 45 seconds apart from each other, and they overlapped quite a bit. Not thinking anything would come from it, I exported them into Photoshop and had the program attempt to make a pano out of the two images. This is the result. One of my favorite images from the trip to Myanmar…and one that would not have been created if I hadn’t decided to give it a try and see what came from it.

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