Southeast Asia - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Flip

The Flip

There is a small area of beach in downtown Manila that is just a fun place to walk along. Well, the beach itself is not that great, but the promenade next to it is great for people watching, especially in the evening. That's when I came across this scene.

The ledge these guys are sitting on is about four feet or so above the sand below. This young kid was doing backflips off of it and landing perfectly on the sand. They weren't paying any attention to me, so I was able to sneak up and get a good angle before the kid's next jump. Facing into the setting sun posed some technical challenges, and compounding that was the fact I was shooing that evening with film.

All in all I like the end result. The Ilford PanF black and white film is one of my absolute favorites, and produces such great tonality throughout the frame. Capturing the kid in mid flip, while upside-down, was pretty lucky (more luck than skill, I think).

Zeiss Ikon, Ilford PanF 50

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