Southeast Asia - Jeff Henry Photography
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Angkor Thom Sunset

Angkor Thom Sunset

I like to find the places where others tend not to congregate during peak photography times (e.g. sunrise and sunset). Sometimes it's inevitable that I'll end up surrounded by other photographers, but the goal is to get away from others and capture my own unique view of a scene. That's exactly what happened this evening at Angkor Thom.

It seems everybody climbs up a specific hill to watch sunset; it might offer a great view, I don't know since I didn't go up there. As the crowds of people and line of tour buses worked their way up the hill, I set up my tripod on an ancient stone bridge, just outside the entrance to Angkor Thom. Over the next 45 minutes I watched as the sun and sky changed colors. as the clouds became irradiated with warmth, and as the reflections on the moat changed.

The scene ended up being one of my favorite from the entire trip to Cambodia, and each time I see it I remind myself to follow my own path, not the herd.

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