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The Carved Window

The Carved Window

Angkor Wat is without a doubt the most photographed structure in Cambodia; and for good reason. It is a beautifully stunning piece of ancient architecture, built in the 12th Century it is a testament to the power and engineering skills of the Khmer empire of the time.

Most people focus their photography of Angkor Wat on the daily sunrise, which can be a beautiful site. I had my fair share of early more sunrise photography while in Siem Reap, but it was the more intimate interior pictures I captured throughout the day that left a lasting impression. One of those images is this window.

Ornately carved from stone, with the bright Southeast Asian sun streaming through the narrow pillars, this is one of Angkor Wat's exterior windows. What caught my eye with this scene, beyond the contrasting light created by the sun streaming through the window, was the ornate design and carving work that is shown on the windowsill and the wall surrounding the window. Even nine centuries later, having survived the onslaught of the jungle and annual rains, the detail is still exquisite.

This image was taken early in my photographic journey. Now that I'm further along, I want to return to this location and explore it again. I hope to make that happen soon.

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