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Russell Falls

Russell Falls

Russell Falls has to be one of the most photographed waterfalls in all of Tasmania. But, that didn’t stop me from spending a couple of hours enjoying this incredibly peaceful and beautiful scene.

Located in Mt. Field National Park, only a couple of hours from Hobart, Russell Falls has actually been protected for its natural beautify since 1885, more than two decades before the area was designated a national park. Standing in front of the falls, it’s not hard to imagine why is has been protected for more than a century.

I had the chance to visit the falls a couple of times while in the area of Mt. Field. As is frequently the case, I arrived early afternoon and enjoyed a walk with many other visitors to view this waterfall and the nearby Horseshoe Falls. There were a lot of people around, which makes photograph difficult, so I went for a nice long hike. The next morning, bright and early, I returned to Russell Falls to photograph it.

My experience at Russell was great. It was early in the morning that nobody else was around. I think that’s my favorite aspect of photography. While it’s great to get out there and enjoy the time with friends, there is nothing quite like having an area to myself and just soak in the entire experience. Just standing there and soaking in the scene—the sights, sounds and smell—before deciding where to set up my tripod and capture a few images. The entire experience is calming, rejuvenating, and peaceful. Russell Falls was no exception.

This image is one I envisioned in my head the day before I actually captured it. It is a focus-stacked panoramic comprised of 10 images. What I love about it beyond the entire scene is the movement of the water mixed with the movement of some of the fern branches being blurred by the wind. The lushness of the rich green moss is also inviting.

All in all, it’s one of my favorite images from my first Tasmania trip. But, there is so much more to explore in Tasmania, and in Mt. Field National Park, that I hope to get back again soon.

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