Australia - Tasmania - Jeff Henry Photography
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Moonrise Over an Alien Ocean

Moonrise Over an Alien Ocean

A few years ago someone saw my image of New Zealand’s Moeraki Boulders at sunrise and commented that it looked like an alien world. That image was a long exposure which smoothed out the ocean waves while the light in the minutes leading up to sunrise created a dramatic blue hue throughout the sky with tinges of pink.

I can’t help but think of an alien ocean when I see this image captured in April 2013 during my visit to the Tasman Sea coast of Tasmania. While the Bay of Fires area is know primarily for the red lichen covered rocks that dot the coast line, there are also other incredible scenes, such as this one at Eddystone Point, near the lighthouse. I arrived mid-afternoon, after a long and bumpy ride through logging roads, to find myself alone at the lighthouse and the entire surrounding area; not another person within sight. I hiked around the area for a while, attempting to see where I could set up for both a sunset shot that evening and then sunrise the following morning.

Eventually I ended up on a stunning beautiful beach, with fine white sand the consistency of powdered sugar. The tide was coming in and many of the rocks were beginning to be covered by the chilly water. I set up in a position to capture this movement of water, but moments later saw the moon had quickly risen low in the sky, just above the distant clouds. With the moon moving into the portion of sky where the deep orange of sunset melds into the light blue and purple of the coming night, the scene was one I couldn’t resist.

One eight second exposure was all that was needed. Shortly after that, I sat down on a rock slightly above the tide line, pulled out some dinner, and enjoyed a peaceful meal while watching and listening to the waves crash against the soft beach.

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