Australia - Tasmania - Jeff Henry Photography
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Secret Falls

Secret Falls

I had seen pictures of Secret Falls, near Hobart, Tasmania, while preparing for my trip to the island State located off the south coast of Australia. Alas, while there were general directions to its location, the directions were vague, to say the least. I tried to find it my first day in Hobart, but struck out. Then, the second day I returned ready for a longer more through search, and quickly came across another photographer trying to find it as well.

We trudged up a hiding trail that went along a small stream. But, there was no indication of a waterfall, nor the type of terrain that would hold a waterfall. Then, a tiny side trail branched off of main trail; I can hardly call it a trail—a tiny strip of slightly cleared dirt is more accurate. Carefully climbing down the step and wet dirt, brought us to a small gully and Secret Falls.

Unfortunately, with little rain the past few days, Secret Falls was running out of steam. And, the area is small enough that two photographers is one too many. But, we made do, and were both able to capture some great images of the Falls.

Trying something new, and given the tight confines of the area, this is a 25 image focus-stacked panorama I captured that day. It was amazing how, despite being 15 minutes from downtown Hobart, and just 30 seconds of a main hiking trail, this area had the feeling of being secluded by miles and miles of dense forrest. I look forward to getting back here some day.

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