Australia - Tasmania - Jeff Henry Photography
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Sunrise at Friendly Beaches

Sunrise at Friendly Beaches

Not from from Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, is Friendly Beaches. I’m not sure why it is “beaches” instead of just one “beach,” especially given that it is just one long sandy beach on the Tasman Sea. But, that is neither here nor there. Friendly Beaches are very friendly…just how friendly? Well, a nice little wallaby decided to hop out of the bushes and meet me at my car as I parked, and then even let me pet it before I walked down to the beach.

Friendly Beaches was also quite deserted when I was there, which was perfect. I was able to stroll along the beach (something I usually don’t like to do) and just enjoy the solitude while the sounds of crashing waves surrounded me.

I visited this area a couple of times while at Freycinet, including one morning to photograph sunrise. The actual sunrise didn’t live up to my hopes, so I shifted to Plan B: photographing the power of the Sea as it surged around this outcropping of rocks. Using different exposure lengths, I tried to capture both the power and movement of the ocean. I came closest to that with this image, which I love just because of the wave just above the rocks that is in various stages of cresting and crashing.

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