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Hues of a Sunset

Hues of a Sunset

For a photographer, no trip to Tasmania is complete without a visit to the Bay of Fires region on the east coast of the island. The area is known for the deep red and orange lichen growing on the rocky shoreline. The lichen clings to the rocks and boulders for miles and miles (or kilometers and kilometers) of shoreline, withstanding the constant pounding of waves and the flow and ebb of the tides.

I had the good fortune to spend several days in the is wonderful area during my April 2014 trip to Tasmania. I arrived at the Bay of Fires following the overnight ferry from Melbourne and a several hour drive across the state. Despite being tired, I was so excited to be in Tassy that I headed out to scout a few locations in anticipation of photographing sunrise the following morning. But, as the sun began to set, the sky turned a wonderful purple highlighted by the yellow and orange hues of the sun having just fallen below the nearby ridge line.

Moving quickly, I set up my tripod, attached the correct lens to the camera, and got a few shots before the color left the sky. What a great way to start a trip.

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