Australia - Tasmania - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Friendly Rocks

The Friendly Rocks

Near Freycinet National Park in Tasmania, lies Friendly Beaches. These beaches didn’t come up when I was doing trip research, but were recommended to me by the people who ran the cottage I was staying at. I’m so glad they did.

I visited first one afternoon and had the entire beach to myself. I walked up and down the white sand for probably three hours enjoying the solitude and the sounds of crashing waves. The following morning I returned to my pre-scouted location and captured this shot shortly after sunrise. I used a long exposure to smooth out the ocean surface and create the ethereal feeling created by water moving over and among the rocks.

No one else was on the beach as I was photographing there that morning. So, after the sun rose higher in the sky, I stepped back from the rocks and water, sat down on the beach, and enjoyed a simple breakfast while watching the waves roll into shore.

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