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Perfection in a Reflection

Perfection in a Reflection

Five days at Karijini National Park was just about enough for a first trip. I got to see everything I wanted to see; however, I wish I had spent more time at Hamersley Gorge. Hamersley is a bit removed from the other gorges of Karijini, but it is magnificently unique and awe inspiring.

The amazing geology and movement of the sediment is readily visible at Hamersley, from the minute one enters the parking lot, through the first views down into the gorge, and for every minute before leaving this beautiful place. The rock moves up, sideways, down, and even in undulating waves similar to ripples on a still pond. The forces of mother nature that were needed to create such movement must have been immense. Beyond comprehension immense.

Add water to the scene, and we get the stunning landscapes of Karijini and Hamersley. I was alone in Harmersley when I captured this image. Just me, a few birds, the soft trickle of moving water, and nothing else except utter silence. It was magical in a way I can’t begin to describe here. The water was almost perfectly still, and the angle of the sun just right to capture this incredible reflection.

Shortly after I captured this image more people began to arrive at the gorge. While the utter silence was broken by the sounds of a didgeridoo, the sound of that traditional Indigenous instrument filled the gorge with a sweet tune that fit the mood perfectly.

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