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Pinnacles Sunset II

Pinnacles Sunset II

The Pinnacles are limestone formations located within Nambung National Park, located about 160 kilometers north of Perth in Western Australia. These formations, of which there are at least several thousand, are quite a sight to see and worth the effort to get to Nambung.

Located within sight of the Indian Ocean, with the roar of crashing waves perpetually in the background, the Pinnacles Desert is an otherworldly landscape. The sand is fine and similar to what one would find on a beach. The constant wind from off shore has crafted miniature waves in the sand, hardened over time by the alternating rain and sun. And the Pinnacles themselves have used the same rain to coalesce and then survive against the relentless onslaught of the elements.

This panorama was captured one evening during my time in Nambung. Most of the other visitors had left the park by this hour, leaving only myself and a few others to watch the sun sink behind the clouds and then into the Indian Ocean. After checking out several different potential vantage points for sunset, I choose this one because it was undistrurbed, offered a glimpse of the Indian Ocean, and I loved patterns and lines created by the sand and pinnacles.

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