Australia - Western - Jeff Henry Photography
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Knox Gorge I

Knox Gorge I

Knox Gorge wasn’t my favorite, but it was still very good. I think the problem was that Karijini National Park had so many incredible gorges, that Knox just didn’t stand up to the others. Take Knox and put it anywhere else, and it would be incredible; alas, it was fighting against its close siblings, and just could’t stand up against them.

That said, I did really like the view of the gorge from the top of the rim. That view wasn’t as grandiose or awe inspiring as the views from Oxer Lookout or Hamersley Gorge, but it was still very beautiful. I had spent the late afternoon in Knox Gorge, and emerged as the sun was just beginning to set. This helped accentuate the colors of the rock, grass and trees, making the reds and greens explode in ones eye.

I captured several images from the rim of the gorge that evening. Each is beautiful in its own way. But, each shows the wide open vistas that surround Karijini National Park, and give the viewer a glimpse into a gorge that, from the top, appears to mark the beginning of a journey to the center of the planet.

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