Australia - Western - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Little Pool

The Little Pool

This little pool is a precursor to the famous and even more spectacular Handrail Pool. To get here, I had to hike down into Karijini National Park’s Weano Gorge and then follow the stream that had cut it’s way through Western Australia’s red and purple hued rocks. The path became more and more narrow, and the top of the gorge seemed to recede into the sky above.

After walking down an nearly perfectly formed hallway, with a flat floor and almost vertical walls, I entered this chamber. Round and tall, with a tranquil pool covering the ground, this chamber was serene and peaceful, with the only sound forming at my feet as the water flowed steadily into the pool.

With no one else around I took my time to set up my tripod and capture this incredible scene. It didn’t take long, but I enjoyed every second of it, with the cool early summer water running over my feet and the silence being my only companion.

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