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Reflections of Knox Gorge

Reflections of Knox Gorge

While I visited the lookout points around Knox Gorge several times while at Karijini National Park, I only went down into Knox Gorge once, and I didn't capture too many image while down there. But, the few I captured are some of my favorite.

I don't know why, but the colors and reflections in Knox Gorge just seemed more deep and vibrant. Maybe it was the time of day, the angle of the sun, the clarity of the water, or the chemical composition of the rocks. Whatever the reason, I loved it.

This four image panorama really demonstrates the how vibrant the colors in Knox Gorge are. The hues in the rock range from purple to blue, orange to red, and on top of all of it is the green from the vegetation that somehow grows on the side of the cliffs. Like all the gorges in Karijini, the water in Knox is fed by underground springs and rain, though it hadn't rained in a few months when I was there. I think the water was especially clear in Knox given the spring and how the water here seemed to be moving more slowly than other gorges.

I've named this image Reflections of Knox Gorge, an apt title given how clear the reflection is.

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