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Karijini Sunset Hues

Karijini Sunset Hues

While the landscape of Karijini National Park is varied between the different gorges, I found myself shooting at the Knox Gorge lookout a few times during my trip. Not only was it easily accessible, but the point of view was magnificent. With the setting sun casting light on the top of the gorge, the colors and vibrance of the landscape came alive.

This four shot panoramic image was shot just moments before the sun went down. As it was early spring, and with the wet season (better known as just "the Wet") having already concluded, there were no clouds in the sky to catch the sunset rays. Instead, I worked to capture the sun illuminating the very top of the gorge, turning the trees and brush a golden color while the red rock of the gorge walls became an even more vibrant dark red.

It is difficult for an image to properly convey the vastness of Western Australia, the depth of Karijini's gorges, or the pervasiveness of the red rock and dust of the Outback. It is the red dust that makes Australian landscapes unique, and also permeates into life itself. Just seeing this image I can feel the dust on my hands, see it in my clothes, and taste it in my mouth. It's impossible to be in the Outback without experiencing the red dust. This image shows that the red dust is not just surface deep, but it permeates Western Australian for hundreds of meters below the dry surface.

The Knox Gorge lookout is one of the easier lookouts to get to in Karijini National Park. A short walk down a gentle trail leads to the cliff edge, and the lookout platform extends over that cliff edge. Standing on that platform is not for those afraid of heights, as there is nothing between you and the bottom of the gorge several hundred meters below except a thin piece of metal

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