Australia - Jeff Henry Photography
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In Celebration

In Celebration

Australia knows how to throw a party. Be it for New Years, Australia Day, or any other special day, the Australian’s don’t need an excuse to have a good bash. The Centennial Anniversary of the Australian Navy was no exception, and in October 2013, there was a party to prove it.

Rumors swirled for weeks that the fireworks show for the 2013 International Fleet Review would rival New Year’s Eve; those rumors were understandable since it was the same company preparing the fireworks show. The fireworks came off the Harbour Bridge, four barges in the Harbour, and several Naval vessels. There was a projected light show on the sails of the Opera House, and massive spot lights that cast their beams from the Bridge. It was incredible.

By the end it was getting harder to have a clear view, since so many fireworks had been set off, in so many places, that smoke was beginning to hang over the Harbour. But, that same smoke provided another rapidly changing visual feature, as the spotlights and fireworks were reflected off the dense clouds. It was amazing.

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