Australia - Jeff Henry Photography
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Lake Amedus I

Lake Amedus I

Located a short helicopter ride away from Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) in Australia's Northern Territory is Lake Amadeus, the dry salt lake bed. It is a huge lake, measuring some 145 km long by 20 km wide, but even after heavy rains would only be several centimeters deep. Most of the time the lake is dry, and a brilliant white due to the large amount of salt. In fact, it is estimated that the lake contains 600 million tons of salt.

This image shows just a small part of the dry Lake Amadeus. Taken from a helicopter, the scale is deceiving, especially since the height of the trees and bushes is obscured due to having to shoot through the helicopter's plexiglass window, which reduced the clarity and sharpness of the vegetation.

It was the contrast between the white of the salt and the orange-red of the Outback dirt that caught my eye and drew me to this image. Coupled with the unique shoreline coming into the vegetation, I just loved the sight.

I was told that it is possible to walk on the lake bed, but best not too. Supposedly a few weeks before I took this image a few guys took their dirt bikes on to the salt crust and actually made it quite a ways before they became stuck. It took them over five hours of walking before they could get a mobile phone signal to call for help.

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