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Uluru Silhouette

Uluru Silhouette

There is perhaps no greater iconic symbol of Australia than that of Uluru / Ayers Rock, the massive sandstone rock formation in the middle of the country. Described by some as the heart of Australia, due to it's physical location near the center of the country, and the iconic nature, Uluru also a sacred to the local Aboriginal people in the area.

Photographing this icon is difficult, not for technical reasons, but rather trying to get a unique image of one of the most photographed natural formations in the world. All the different angles, times, seasons, and weather have been captured in the past. So, trying to capture something new is nearly impossible. All I could hope for is good light to craft my own images from. I got it on my first sunrise shoot.

Captured from the Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) sunrise viewing area, this silhouette of Uluru is simple and powerful. While I was expecting to photograph The Olgas as the sun rose that morning, I found that Uluru made the more compelling subject that early morning. The sun had yet to peak above the horizon, but was turning the lower sky a deep orange, while the sky overhead fought the onslaught of the coming sun, attempting to keep the dark blue that had blanketed the area over night. Gradually, over the course of just a few minutes, the rising sun won as the dark blue was transformed by the orange glow.

I love the feeling this image portrays, though the scale is difficult to judge. Uluru is large, at just over 348 meters high, and a total circumference of over nine kilometers. This image was captured from about 15 kilometers away, yet the Rock is still large and imposing.

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