Australia - Jeff Henry Photography
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The 12 Apostles 2

The 12 Apostles 2

The Twelve Apostles, the most famous sight along Australia's Great Ocean Road, is a great place to visit. The walk in was nice--and not too far from the car park--but even the short walk provided glimpse of the blue ocean, the green vegetation, and the occasional kangaroo hopping away from gawking tourists.

This image was taken as the sun began to set over a cloudy sky. This is the perils of landscape photography on a deadline: sometimes the weather just does not cooperate. I tired several evenings while I was in the area, and this was the best. I think it actually turned out better because I was using film for this shot, which helped capture the full range of colors, no matter how minute they were to the naked eye.

I'll definitely head back to the Great Ocean Road in the future. Hopefully with more time so I can wait out the clouds for the perfect shot.

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