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Sunset at the Walls of China

Sunset at the Walls of China

Captured on my second sunset shoot at Mungo National Park, this is one of the more iconic views of the Walls of China. These lunettes are created from the wind and rain that batter the sandy rock all year long (albeit more wind than rain). As a result, these beautiful and otherworldly grooves and folds in the rock come into being.

The Walls of China is the main attraction for Mungo National Park in southwest New South Wales, about 1,000km from Sydney. This is a place I have wanted to visit for years, after seeing some stunning images of the Walls. Why is it called the Walls of China? Well, a nearby wool shed was built by Chinese immigrants in the 19th Century. During the day, and from a distance of about 20km, the heat distortion rises off the dry lakebed, and given the height and color of the dunes and rock formations, from that distance they look similar to the Great Wall of China. I didn’t see it at first, but that’s because I was too close. To understand why its name fits, one has to be quite a ways from the Walls.

This was a great evening for photography. Enough clouds were present, far into the distance and low on the horizon, that they caught the last rays of sun and turned an incredible purple, all while the sky transitioned into a deep blue hue.

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