New Zealand - Fiordland - Jeff Henry Photography
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Green and Blue

Green and Blue

Milford Sound is a truly beautiful place. I happened to be there on a perfectly clear day, which is the exception rather than the rule. And while the blue sky and few puffy white clouds were gorgeous, the true beauty of the sound comes out after heavy rain, when hundreds upon hundreds of waterfalls cascade down the rock walls.

This was one of the few waterfalls I saw during my visit to Milford Sound. It came crashing down the lush, moss covered face of the cliff. Falling hundreds, if not a thousand meters, into the icy cold turquoise waters of the sound, creating a blanket of fine mist that thankfully was not to heavy.

Milford Sound is actually a 15 kilometer fjord, that runs in from the Tasman Sea, and is surrounded by near vertical rock that rise 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) from the surface of the water. The Sound is one of New Zealand's most famous tourist destinations.

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