New Zealand - Fiordland - Jeff Henry Photography
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Mackinnon Pass

Mackinnon Pass

After hiking most of the morning, and about 50% of that time hiking up a narrow switchback trail, I reached Mackinnon Pass. I'd climbed from about 300 meters that morning to 1,150 meters by lunch time. It was a hard but fun hike, and near the top I was rewarded with this view, looking down at Mackinnon Pass and the mountains beyond.

I had explored the pass for a bit, and taken several images at Twelve Second Drop (on the far side of the lake pictured here) before continuing on up the trail, rising higher above the pass. The few moments of snow had passed, so I set up my tripod and captured this incredible image, showing where I had come from (the valley on the left side of the image) and where I was headed (down into the valley behind the lake).

The memorial near the lake was erected for the man whose name the pass bears: "In Honour of Quintin Mackinnon, Explorer." What an amazing title to have. Explorer. Simple, clean, elegant, descriptive.

This image is a large panoramic, crafted from seven images.

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