New Zealand - Jeff Henry Photography
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Golden Cloud Over Moeraki

Golden Cloud Over Moeraki

I had only a couple of mornings to capture the Moeraki Boulders on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. These boulders were something I'd wanted to see since I began researching places to visit and photograph in New Zealand. It turns out that such boulders, smoothed and rounded from eons of wave action , exist very few places in the world.

The first morning I awoke to the the sound of lashing, heavy rain hitting the window of my hotel room. A quick check of the weather and I knew there was no end in sight to the rain and a sunrise would be nonexistent that morning. Thankfully the next morning proved to be better and almost exactly what I wanted: good cloud formations; a deep blue sky; and far in the distance the dark, forbidding sky that signals an incoming storm.

I had the beach to myself for hours that morning, and loved every second of it. Peaceful, tranquil, contemplative. After the sun had risen far enough into the sky and I'd captured the images I wanted, I just sat on the beach and enjoyed the scene for a while. Happy and glad to be there.

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