New Zealand - Jeff Henry Photography
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Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki has to have some of the most beautiful water in the entire world. I remember driving up the road to Mt. Cook, which parallels the lake before hugging its coastline; cresting a ridge I was greater with the straight line of asphalt leading directly into the most turquoise water I'd ever seen in a lake. Not only was it an incredible turquoise, but the other hues in the water made it look more like a shimmering opal than water.

This image was taken from the other side of Lake Pukaki, during another drive through the area. It was a beautiful Spring day, one that had begun with a 4:30am hike to Hooker Lake for sunrise. Despite being very tired, I continued my photographic journey of the area and came to this spot where the clouds, mountains, water and tree all caught my eye. It wasn't the best time of day to capture this type of image, but it worked out anyways.

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