New Zealand - Jeff Henry Photography
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Icebergs of Hooker Lake

Icebergs of Hooker Lake

I don’t think these icebergs will pose any concern for a large ocean liner, but they were plentiful in Hooker Lake, located in the shadow of New Zealand’s tallest peak, Mt. Cook.

I’d make the hike to Hooker Lake early one cold Spring morning. Departing my hotel well before sunrise, and attempting to find the trailhead in the dark, I made quick progress once I actually found the trail. The goal was to shoot the reflection of Mt. Cook in Hooker Lake at sunrise. After doing that, I began to let my eye wander, and became mesmerized watching these little icebergs, having calved from the glacier that came came down to the lake edge, float around in front of me.

I especially liked the iceberg in front, comprised of clear ice, whereas the others looked more frosty. But, the stillness of the lake created wonderful reflections as the sun was rising behind me.

Eventually the cold chilled me to the point where I couldn’t change lenses or feel my fingers and toes. So, I decided to pack it up and head back to the hotel for a late breakfast. It was worth the cold, stumbling in the dark, and the little hike, to be able to see this incredible scene as the sun rose on this Spring morning.

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