New Zealand - Jeff Henry Photography
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Boulders at Sunrise

Boulders at Sunrise

The Moeraki Boulders are located along the east coast of New Zealand's South Island. There isn't much else in the immediate vicinity, but visitors to New Zealand make the Boulders a "must see" stop. They had been on my list of places to visit and photograph for a while, and I finally made it down there for a few glorious Summer days.

The Boulders are almost perfectly round large and just sit there in the sand, withstanding the continual onslaught of the ocean. It's quite amazing to see, and there are several groups of them along this one beach.

I'd scouted the area a couple of days before, and my first attempt at sunrise at the Boulders was marred by torrential rain. So, I went back the following morning, hoping the clouds would part enough to capture a good image.

As chance and luck would have it, I was rewarded for my 4am wake up by a wonderful sunrise. I shot for probably an hour total, both before and after the sun rose above the horizon. But, my favorite shots, of which this is one, came just a little bit after the sun rose, but then was obscured by clouds. The rays from the early morning sun were powerful and full of color. It's images like these that make the early wake up times worth it.

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