New Zealand - Jeff Henry Photography
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The Boulders at Sunset

The Boulders at Sunset

The Moeraki Boulders are something that need to be seen to be believed. Almost perfectly round large boulders that are just sitting in the sand, withstanding the continual onslaught of the ocean. It's quite amazing to see, and there are several groups of them along this one beach.

After scouting the area that afternoon, I went back just before sunset to see what the light would be like. Being on the east coast of New Zealand's South Island, it's really a sunrise location but sometimes sunset can be good. While it was overcast this specific evening, there were traces of pink in the clouds as the sun went down.

I chose to use a ten stop neutral density in order to get the water smoothed out as the waves came in during the 30 second exposure. Given where the tide was at this time, and the height of the waves. the water was almost lapping against the tripod.

I see this and wonder if this is what the oceans on an alien world might look like. Smooth and ethereal water rushing amongst spherical boulders.

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