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A Natural Wonder

A Natural Wonder

Natural Bridge actually isn’t. Rather, it is a natural arch, one of several located in Bryce Canyon National Park. I don’t really care what it is called, and whether or not that name is technically correct. All that matters, I think, is that it is incredibly beautiful.

I loved seeing Natural Bridge in person, and I love seeing this image. But, as amazing as the sight is, I think the more incredible aspect is that this natural phenomena actually exists. Over countless years, it was formed through the erosion of the rock by water, frost , dissolution, and gravity. Think about it. At any point in that long process, if something had gone differently—more water in one place, or a crack in a different that frost could have formed in—this amazing natural feature would not have been. Yes, it looks strong and permanent, but that is merely a superficial facade masking the underlying fragility of the entire formation.

This image was captured just a few days after an early Winter storm dumped several inches of fresh powdery snow over the entire Park. The road to Natural Bridge was closed for a day or so, but was reopened on my last full day at the Park, and I hurried to the end of it in search of a good sunset scene. With the sun setting behind me, the clouds and face of Natural Bridge were painted with the soft glow that came from ambient light reflecting off of the fresh snow.

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