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Fresh Powder

Fresh Powder

It was COLD! About -20F (-28C) cold. There was hardly anybody in the park, yet I had traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park intent on doing some photography. If I’d come from the nearby town or even the next state, I probably would have just stayed in my hotel room and waited out the cold. But, I’d flown in from Australia, and a little—okay, a lot—of cold wasn’t going to stop me.

I was fortunate enough to arrive at the park as a winter storm began bearing down on the region, dumping several inches of beautiful white power snow. While that complicated transportation within the park, and closed off long stretches of roads, there was still enough open for me to capture some incredible images.

This image was captured my first full day in the park, just after the snow storm had ended. I braved the icy roads and subzero temperatures to visit some of the lookout points where the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are easily viewed; thankfully these lookout points also provide some of the best spots to take pictures. The cold wouldn’t have been that bad if not for the wind, which whips around the end of the canyon picking up speed before it slammed into me and my tripod. It was the wind that eventually drove me back into my rental car, where I pumped up the heat and turned on the seat warmers to slowly defrost before braving the arctic wind again.

This image is a small section of the grand Bryce Canyon Amphitheater, a stunning site of hundreds of hoodoos. I’ll be heading back to this park again in the future. Hopefully when the temperature is at least above freezing.

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