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Into the Secret I

Into the Secret I

There is something special about having a new experience. I’d never been in a slot canyon before I traveled to Page, Arizona in December 2013, to visit several. I remember walking into the first canyon I visited, Secret Canyon, and was just amazed. There was a solitude to the canyon since there were only three of us that day, but also a grander that could only come from knowing that the sheer power of nature had formed these spectacular canyons of thousands, if not millions, of years.

I felt small inside them, knowing the time and power required to create them, and the fact that it was almost impossible to see the top of the canyon from inside. I walked the length of Secret Canyon before I took one picture. Sometimes I do that: either I’m so in awe of what I’m seeing that I forget about the camera, or I want to see the entire thing before I decide what to capture first. I think there was a little of both on this day: awe and planning.

In the end it worked out great. I got to experience this incredible canyon and attempt to capture the beauty of what I was seeing.

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