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The Hoodoos

The Hoodoos

The day after a Winter storm dumped several inches on Bryce Canyon National Park, I found myself battleing the extreme (-28F) cold to take some images of the Park’s Amphitheater.

This image was captured my first full day in the park, just hours after the snow storm had ended. I headed first to some of the more popular lookout points where the hoodoos of Bryce Canyon are easily viewed; thankfully these lookout points also provide some of the best spots to take pictures. Despite the cold, there were quite a few people out that morning.

Fighting against the wind, I worked my way around the rim of the Amphitheater for a while, watching the sun rise above the nearby mountains and begin to cast its golden rays onto the red and orange hoodoos below. The long shadows cast by the low sun, the golden hues that looked warm and inviting, and the lush green of the trees, all belied the extreme cold permeating the region that morning.

While I didn’t enjoy the extreme cold, I’m glad that my first experience in Bryce Canyon occurred just as fresh snow covered the park. I can only imagine how beautiful the park must look in Spring and Fall, but seeing it with fresh snow was a pure delight and photographers dream.

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